DropTop Customs by Convertible Builders, LLC


The key to a successful design is to achieve solid, functional operation without sacrificing aesthetic lines. That is the foundation of Convertible Builders’ design experience. We are proud to offer our customers the same award-winning Dodge Challenger convertible that won the “Chrysler Design Excellence” award at SEMA 2008 as comissioned by and developed in cooperation with Chyrsler’s Ralph Gilles, President and CEO, Dodge Brand.

  • FULL OPEN CONVERTIBLE: We build all four-door convertibles without the unsightly roll bar. They are long, low, strong and sleek cars.
  • POWER TOP: All tops are hydraulicly powered for thousands of trouble free cycles. We employ General Motor’s style manual latches at the front corners.
  • QUARTER WINDOWS: Fully operational quarter windows maintain the styling and distinctive body lines of the Challenger & Camaro.
  • CONVERTIBLE TOP MATERIAL: The top material is a very color fast and durable acrylic polyester cloth.
  • PADDED ROOF: The roofs have a padding and insulation layer between the bow structure and the roof cloth for complete sound and temperature insulation.
  • HEADLINERS: Full fabric headliners that complement the car interior colors provide a finished look and cover the internal bow structure.
  • FINISHED HEADER:  Painted header for added style and seal durability.
  • INTERIOR SPACE: We retain the original, full rear seat and legroom including all original seat belt anchors.
  • TRUNK SPACE: Depending on model, we retain appoximately 80% of the original trunk even with the top down. Room for two bags, or one body.
  • REAR WINDOW: The rear window is a large, heated glass window designed specifically for that model.
  • REINFORCEMENTS: We reinforce the car substantially, inside and underneath. There are beams in the rocker area and elsewhere underneath, gussets at the center and rear doorposts, steel channels at the rear deck and beams connecting the rear shock towers. The cars are exceedingly strong and stay that way over the years.
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