Finally: Drop Top Customs Creates T-Top Chevy Camaro Kit for $6,500

2010 T-Top Camaro from DropTop Customs

We’ve been waiting too long for Chevy to offer a T-Top Camaro. Over a year ago on the Long Term blog, Oldham posted a photo rendering with the simple question, “Where are my T-Tops?

And while there’s still no factory option, Drop Top Customs by Convertible Builders LLC is offering a T-Top kit. The company uses its long history– relative to the lifetime of the car– building Camaro convertibles and utilzes the company’s exclusive convertible undercarriage reinforcement ensuring that the things you want to stay straight, stay straight. Drop Top Customs estimates that most of the T-Top Camaros they sell will be supercharged, and even with the power upgrade, flex isn’t an issue.

The kit will debut at SEMA, and be on sale in November. We want it now.   View Full Article »

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